An Advent Calendar for my Mum

Last year I made an advent calendar for Mummy.  24 small envelopes with a little gift and a prayer or verse or wise thought inside each one.  This year I didn’t get round to that so I have been sending a mail a day with a link to something fun or thought-provoking on YouTube.  It’s been fun doing the selections.

Adding them here, I see some gaps!  Either I didn’t manage to send one every day, or for some reason it didn’t get added to my sent email…

24 December:

23 December:

22 December: and

21 December:

20 December:

19 December:

18 December:

16 December:

15 December:

14 December:

13 December:

12 December:

11 December:

10 December:

9 December:

8 December:

7 December:

5 December: and

4 December:

3 December:

2 December:

1 December: