Friendship Maps – an activity with my children

We’ve had some fun creating friendship maps over the last couple of days so we thought we’d share our “How-To” guide…

How To Create a Friendship Map

131      First gather your supplies.  You will need:

A map – to a scale so you can fit your friend’s house and your house onto a single page (more comments about scale below)

A piece of white paper – we used A4 so it fit into the frame we already had

Some blue-tack

A pencil

Some colours – we used fine-line pens and coloured pencils

106 Check out your map.  Find your home and your friend’s home. Plot out the route you take from one house to the other. This is such a fun time to practice map-reading skills. Just because “everyone has a Sat-Nav” doesn’t mean maps are redundant. Perhaps that’s a topic for another post!

108 Tack your map to a window. Keep it smooth…

109 Tack your white paper on top of the map. Make sure your whole route is covered by the page. You may like to put the paper up at an angle to get it all in. This is totally fine, but make a note of “which way is up” – particularly if you want to add a compass rose later.

111 Carefully trace your route and any landmarks on the way. We thought about the landmarks we wanted to include – those shared with our friends (the park) or those we particularly enjoy about the area (the library).

121 Still using your pencil, have a look at your tracing and see if there are any other details you want to include. Sketch in decorations. We illustrated the library with a book, the cycle path with a bike, the Scout Hut with a campfire. Add labels such as road or place names.

122 Add some colour. This is the fun bit! For larger areas, we outlined in pen and coloured in with pencil. This prompted discussion about suitable colours for certain symbols – would the colour we chose for our shopping area suggest an allegiance with a particular brand?

126 Here are the final details going in.

Friendship Map a When you’re happy, go wild with your presentation. Mount the map – cut it straight or wavy. Add a title and a compass rose (make sure you know which way really is North!) Scan it so you can keep a copy of your hard work.  Then all that’s left is to present it to your friend. Hope they like it!

Another word about scale: If your friend lives close, a local map will be great.  A little further afield and you may like to use an OS map. Of course, if your friend is many miles away, you may have to use a whole country map. The larger the scale, the fewer small details you will be able to include.

I would love to know if you try this idea.