Can’t decide…

I have two ideas for a sticker in the back window of my car and I can’t decide which one to put up.  Either one of :

“Yes. I agree with you. 20mph feels like a ridiculously low speed limit. But please write to the council instead of blaming me … And until then, please take your nose off my bumper. Thanks!”


“Apologies. Since someone I knew was killed by a speeding driver, I’ve been a little more aware of speed limits.  So I’m afraid it’s going to take you a smidge longer than usual to reach the end of the next traffic queue.”



I have recently noticed another key difference between mental and physical illness – the direction of the sympathy.

If two friends hear that Fred has broken his leg, the conversation is full of concern for him – “Poor Fred.  Wonder how he’s coping? Hope it won’t take long to heal.  Must send him some fruit.”  Some concern may or may not also be expressed for Freda, his wife.

However, when two friends hear that Fred has got depression, the conversation hardly mentions Fred at all.  “Golly!” they say. “Poor Freda having to cope with a depressed husband.  It must be very hard for her.  It’s so difficult to care for someone with a mental illness.”