Tradition… Or not?

I recently read this post about the importance of traditions.  Usually I would agree with it wholeheartedly.  I love all my traditions – especially at Christmas – and enjoy adding in new ones from time to time.  But this year I find myself feeling … heretical.

This year I find myself disgruntled with tradition.  This week I have thought things about traditions I have never thought before.

Here are three reasons traditions may not be so great:

1. You do them because you do them.  Not because you choose to do them.  Not because they add meaning to your life.  Not because you have carefully added them to your schedule to help your family understand the message of Christmas.

2. They can be a source of marital disharmony.  After 2 decades of living with one family’s traditions, you have to merge them with someone else’s family traditions.  And that’s before your siblings get married and there are even more “We-always-do-it-this-way”s to incorporate.

3. It hurts like billy-oh when a key person isn’t there any more taking their traditional role.

What to do?  Well now I’ve got that all off my chest, I’ll carry on as normal.  Traditions will remain in place as a source of strength, continuity and belonging.  After all, there’s always next year to do it all differently … or perhaps the next … or the one after that …




An Advent Calendar for my Mum

Last year I made an advent calendar for Mummy.  24 small envelopes with a little gift and a prayer or verse or wise thought inside each one.  This year I didn’t get round to that so I have been sending a mail a day with a link to something fun or thought-provoking on YouTube.  It’s been fun doing the selections.

Adding them here, I see some gaps!  Either I didn’t manage to send one every day, or for some reason it didn’t get added to my sent email…

24 December:

23 December:

22 December: and

21 December:

20 December:

19 December:

18 December:

16 December:

15 December:

14 December:

13 December:

12 December:

11 December:

10 December:

9 December:

8 December:

7 December:

5 December: and

4 December:

3 December:

2 December:

1 December: