Too much of a film fan

I enjoy films.  I don’t think I’m fanatical but if film questions come up in quizzes, my friends think I will be able to answer them.  I can’t usually!  But there have been several times lately I’ve thought of film scenes as I have gone about my daily life:

A Knight’s Tale: where Roland describes Sir Ulrich’s tunic for the ball later by describing the tent behind him.  This was me recently when I was helping a friend turn old curtains into medieval style dresses

Ten Things I Hate About You: Patrick finally lets on where he was last year – “Milwaukee.  You see my grandad was ill so I spent most of the year sleeping on his couch eating cheerios.”  I relate to this every time I stay with my parents to support them through Daddy’s illness.  Although I don’t have to sleep on his couch … or eat cheerios.

New In Town: where Lucy’s new friend comes round with yet another bowl of tapioca – “When I’m stressed, I bake.”  So far this morning I have a loaf, a strawberry shortcake and a pan of ragu slow cooking.